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When it comes to project management, clients come first in everything we do. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit. Let us bring your building project to life.

Our History

Founded in 1996 by Gedalia Vinokurov and originally known as Gedalia Group, Inc., the firm changed its name to GV Designs LLC in 2008.

We aspire to achieve our clients’ goals through innovative design solutions, professional consulting and supreme delivery. The work on which we have built our reputation is first and foremost about collaboration. Our clients are our partners, their mission is our own. Each project brings with it a unique set of issues and specific requirements that form the parameters of our design vision and influence our creative direction. The result: customized planning, interior design and architectural solutions that are innovative, timeless, sustainable, functional and beautiful. Projects are executed with a commitment to excellence, designed with a disciplined approach to project constraints and clients needs. Our team uses an interactive design approach and cutting-edge technology to integrate the input of those who will use the space into every aspect of the design.

Our design sensibility, strategic consensus-building approach, and excellent communication methodology consistently help our clients achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. Ultimately, what makes GV Designs special is its people and a culture that promotes individual expression within a strong set of shared values. The diversity of architectural expression in GV Designs’ work is a testament to its ability to express the forms driven by each individual in an ever-evolving built environment.

GV Designs Key Personnel

Founder & President

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Marketing

Chief Architect

Chief of 3D Department

Business Development Director

Renewable Energy Partner

Chief Engineer


At GV Designs LLC. we pride ourselves on designing unique structures that maximize the utilization and capacity of every space. Do you have a design problem that no one else can fix? Let us give you a fresh perspective on your building project and help you bring your project to life.



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